Dual marking solutions

The latest product innovation from Mediprint is the first strip insert with markable strips.

Strip inserter with dual marking solutions

Dual marking solutions by Mediprint

The latest product innovation from Mediprint is the first strip inserter with markable strips. This strip inserter makes it possible to mark the strips individually in order to distinguish the counted stacks from each other. For example, sheets can be counted, and waste sheets marked at the same time. In addition, with our dual marking solutions, different print jobs can be marked without using a second strip inserter. This saves time, money and space.

The strip inserter with markable strips offers more flexibility and control over the printing processes. The double marking solution is permanent and smudge-proof, so there is no confusion or loss. The stripe inserter with markable stripes is a product innovation that does not yet exist on the market. It is the result of Mediprint's many years of experience and constant striving for improvement.

For more information about the strip inserter with markable strips, please request a non-binding information meeting.

Unique selling points

In addition to numerous product-specific unique selling points on the market, Mediprint relies on the following features for all its products:

Robust high-performance features

Our tried and tested products designed for continuous operation are ideal for professional use and ensure perfect results in continuous operation.

Technological lead

Our technology with self-developed processes enables you to work evenly and economically efficiently, economically and at the same time with perfect results

Customized installations

We take the time to find the perfect solution for your problem and requirements, whether it's a low-cost retrofit or complex special requirements, we are highly flexible when it comes to your machines and production and have the necessary know-how


Mediprint systems can distinguish between different input signals and utilize the associated information


The menu offers 3 different languages (ENG, FRA, GER) and can be expanded with additional languages if required

Aluminum housing

Mediprint specifically uses aluminum housings to withstand the heat and dust in packaging and printing machines

Our service for you!


Mediprint offers selected customers a subscription service on its own products at special conditions. This allows customers to automate the process free of charge and save additional money.


Especially for customers whose workload and machine park size fluctuate, we offer individual leasing contracts for our tape inserters in order to streamline their cost structure and at the same time to increase flexibility.


Since most of our products are manufactured in batch sizes <25, individualisation in production can be realised at relatively low cost.

... if this is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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