Powder Systems

Mediprint's Powder system consists of various interlocking components.

Mediprints Powder system

Our powder extraction system prevents contamination of your printed sheets, reduces soiling and wear and tear of the printing machine, and reduces the fine dust pollution in the printing enviroment. An extraction system is indispensable, because with every sheet that is printed there is also some excess powder in the machine. This is extracted by the suction system precisely and efficiently. We offer you the best conditions for an optimal print result for further processing under the highest hygiene standard.

With Mediprint’s Modular Powder & Extraction System (MP&ES), the powder is applied very precisely, with our specially developed modular system concept in order to reduce powder turbulence to a minimum at high printing speeds during the dusting process.

On the one hand, we use our AST, which is manufactured according to your wishes, as a powdering system. The powdering step then takes place within the encapsulated spray chamber and is finally picked up and processed again by our filtered suction system.

The Mediprint suction system reliably loosens powder residues that would otherwise stick to the machine and cleanly removes the loosened dirt without impairing sheet travel. As a result, the printed sheets are kept free of falling clumps and the cleaning cycles as well as the durability of the machine are optimized.

The Mediprint powder system, which is individually tailored to your machine format, ensures precise and economical powder dosing, even with high powder quantities, with minimal machine stress and maximum suction power.

Modular Powder & Extraction System (MP&ES)

The AST is Mediprint’s top device and has been specially designed for continuous use on large printing, packaging, and glass machines. The AST guarantees maximum powdering comfort thanks to sensor-controlled automatic refilling and permanent functionality thanks to two control systems and tube technology. You will experience a new quality of print powder dusting with highly specialized and individualized areas of application. The AST can be used in different versions and including extensions and can thus achieve powdering widths of over 2m.

1 x Powder Spraying System
stationary powder spraying system for application of dry, flow able powder on web, consisting of:

  • lockable powder container 19,5 liter volume
  • Two parallel working powder dosing units
  • Standard dosing units: D25/t0.5
  • Total output min/max.: 60-3.800gr/h
    (reference powder KSL S5/20 starch – grain size 20μm)
  • Two nozzle distributors (with 8 outlets, altogether 16)
  • Spray bar 1.600mm with 48 Micro Jet single nozzles
  • Two (2) low maintenance Rotary Multi-Vane Compressor 40m3/h each
  • Powder container with stirring device (motor IP54) for up to 19,5 liter volume
  • Siemens touchscreen display for centralized control

The system will be supplied in a compact Rittal cabinet. System control via SPS Siemens S7. An automatic adaption of powder quantity to the respective speed of web is integrated. Control via speed signal (0-10V) to be provided by customer. Monitoring of powder quantity by two capacitive sensors and monitoring of airpressure via pressure sensors fixed at the injector. This system enables application of pourable powder with medium-sized particles of 20-30μm.
The system AP 900 is conform to the ATEX-directive ex II 2/3D c T100°C

Technical data
Dimension cabin: 1.400 x 500 x 1.300mm (1.820mm with stiring motor)
Operating voltage: 3 x 460V/60Hz (further voltage on request)

Security information:
Many types of dust are flammable and can, in conjunction with an ignition source, lead to filter fires and dust explosions in individual cases. Therefore the operator of an extraction system has to take appropriate steps to avoid these specific dangers and especially has to ensure that during operation of the extraction system no ignition sources will be sucked. Additionally he has to meet the ATEX-directives.

Any necessary adjustments to the system have to be agreed prior to the execution in detail, and will be according to expenditure.

System is delivered in a compact metal casing. The regulation occurs by the internal control box. Automatic adaption of powder quantity to the respective speed of web is integrated. Control via speed signal (0-10V) to be provided by customer. Monitoring of min. powder quantity by light barrier sensors and monitoring of air pressure via pressure sensors fixed at the injector. This system enables application of pourable powder with medium-sized particles of 20-30μm.

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 3 x 400V / 50Hz (further voltage on request)

1 x ESC – spray chamber
  • Spray chamber with preparation for both sides connection to extraction system, to avoid powder contamination of the environment
  • Exhausting including pyramid shape cartridge extraction device
  • Inspection opening upside for easy cleaning and film feeding
  • Pneumatic vibration cleaning system for permanent prevention of powder accumulation (Compressed air supply 4-6 bar provided by customer)
  • lonisation unit to prepare the film in front and after the spray chamber (consisting of high voltage power pack and ionisation bars El-RN)
  • System operation via powder system AP900
  • Infeed size for max. web width 1.800 mm

The integration respectively the frame for the ESC-spray chamber installation has to be prepared by customer.

1 x Powder Extraction system P24-ATEX

Stationary extraction system for dry dust and powders up to grain size 25mm.
Innovative, two-parts housing structure of sandwich panel. For a compact and solid design and low sound level.
Appropriated for dry, burnable powders. Designed to be used in ATEX zone 22

Indentificated according ATEX-guideline:

II 2D Ex tc IIIC T135 °C Dc X inside
Il 3D Ex tc IIIC T135 °C Dc X outside

Unit design:

Filter unit:

  • Housing structure of sandwich panel with conductive internal coating
  • Inlet air entry with inspection opening
  • Integrated impact separator, coarser particles will be pre-separated for
    low dust concentration and long service life of the cartridges
  • Long life filter cartridges (oil and waterless compressed air supply with 4-6 bar required)
  • Mobile dust collection drawer with a volume of 150, two integrated, closeable cartons
  • (volume à 40 1) for dust-free discharge of the filtered material
Control unit:
  • Integrated fully automatic control unit with on-/off switch, motor protection, warning signal for false direction of rotation and filter change
  • Filter cleaning unit with differential pressure monitoring
Technical data:
  • Max. airflow: 2,900 m3/h
  • Max. negative pressure: 3,400 Pa
  • Motor: 3 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Sound emission: 71 dB (A) DIN EN ISO 3744
  • Pre filter: 2 cartridges dust class “M”, antistatic, surface: 24 m2
  • 2nd filter: 1 cartridge dust class “H” 17m2
  • Intake diameter: Ø 200 mm
  • Compressed air adapter: 3/4″ (extern required compressed air 4-6 bar)
  • Air consumption: 19 I per impuls at 4 bar preassure
  • Weight: 310 kg
  • Dimensions: (Ix wx h): 2,030 x 1,040 x 2,030 mm
  • Air connection inlet left
  • Floating contact on connector block
  • Connection cable 25 m
  • Colour in RAL 7035, light grey

Unique selling points

In addition to numerous product-specific unique selling points, Mediprint relies on the following features for all of its products:

Isolated cutter head

The hardened cutter head of our tab inserters can be flexibly changed at any time without the need to dismantle the tab inserter

Tape embossing

By adding structure to the stripe its strength is increased requiring less grammage​


With an (optional) sensor, Mediprint tape inserters can count themselves independently of the machine


Mediprint Tape Inserters can distinguish between different input signals and therefore differentiate between use cases​


The menu offers 3 different languages (ENG, FRA, GER) and can be extended by further languages if required

Aluminum housing

Mediprint deliberately uses aluminum enclosures to weather the heat and dust in packaging and printing machines

The services we provide for you!


Mediprint offers selected customers a subscription service on its own products at special conditions. This allows customers to automate the process free of charge and save additional money.


Especially for customers whose workload and machine park size fluctuate, we offer individual leasing contracts for our tape inserters in order to streamline their cost structure and at the same time to increase flexibility.


Since most of our products are manufactured in batch sizes <25, individualisation in production can be realised at relatively low cost.

... if this is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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