In addition to individualized products, Mediprint also offers a standardized portfolio!

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Tab inserter

Tab inserters (also called strip inserters) count paper and mark or separate different printed products from each other by laying down a strip. They are primarily used in sheetfed offset printing and also in other industries with flat objects (e.g. cardboard production, glass industry, etc.).

Tape inserts can contain various functions: We can customise these for our customers. Mediprint distinguishes between fixed and mobile units.

Fixed tabbing systems are mounted on the target machine. They usually receive the counting pulse as well as the necessary power directly from the target machine.

Mobile tab inserters are not fixed to the target machine and can thus be used flexibly in production. The mobile units can count independently (if desired) by means of a laser and have their own power connection option.


Tab Rolls

Tab rolls are the consumable materials of the tab inserters. They usually have to be inserted manually and last on average one working day (~200 rolls per year) under full load of the press.

When ordering tab rolls, you should not only pay attention to the material quality (especially in the food industry), but also the dimensions and weight play a decisive role and can affect the end product. When it comes to weight in particular, Mediprint attaches great importance to tabs that are as light as possible so as not to leave any marks in the end product.


Powder Unit

Mediprint powder units (also called powder application systems) consist of various interlocking components. Their purpose is the preparation of a powder-air mixture and the uniform application of the mixture onto the target sheet. Mediprint powdering units are used in various industries: printing industry, cardboard production, glass industry and many more.

Our powder units are ideal for various small printing machines or special machines with powdering widths of up to 520 mm. Transportable and variable due to infinitely variable height adjustment, Mediprint powder units can be adapted to different environments.

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