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Mediprint has been producing Powder Units for over 45 years for various industries and customers

Powder Units by Mediprint

Powder units overview

Powdering is always an important issue and one of the factors that can significantly affect the quality and cost of production. Over the past 45 years, Mediprint Apparatebau GmbH has developed numerous powder systems for a wide range of printing machines and printing processes. Our precise dosing, as well as an even powder application and lower consumption ensure an optimal print image and make further processing easier.
Mediprint has 4 different powder application systems in its product portfolio, from the mobile solution that can be used variably, to highly specialized versions that are permanently installed on or in printing and packaging machines, to custom-made products for individual systems.
Mediprint powder devices are used in various sectors: the printing industry, cardboard manufacturing, the glass industry and many more. Our systems prevent sticking in the stack and enable the ink to dry properly and are therefore an important factor that has a significant impact on the quality and costs of production. Our goal is a cost-effective and efficient print powder dusting with an exact and even powder application in order to enable a quick and trouble-free further processing for our customers.


The full allrounder

The AST is Mediprint’s top device and has been specially designed for continuous use on large printing, packaging, and glass machines. The AST guarantees maximum powdering comfort thanks to sensor-controlled automatic refilling and permanent functionality thanks to two control systems and tube technology. You will experience a new quality of print powder dusting with highly specialized and individualized areas of application. The AST can be used in different versions and including extensions and can thus achieve powdering widths of over 2m.

In the past 45 years, Mediprint has developed numerous powder devices for special printing machines and customer requests, which are not listed here on the homepage due to trademark and patent rights. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a powder device for a special machine.

You too can benefit from this extremely promising mixture of knowledge about the requirements, experience in implementation, cost-effective production in our own factory and extensive service!


The precision device

The AD-NT is our precision powder device with a refill compartment for non-stop operation to cope with powdering widths up to 1000mm. An integrated powder container and refill options during production enable continuous smooth operation. An even and economically efficient dusting is made possible by tube technology. The AD-NT can also be supported by a heater for our air-blow process and an impulse generator. Their purpose is the preparation of a powder-air mixture and the even application of the mixture to the target bow.

Our patented and tried-and-tested tube technology enables constant and even dusting of the web, even in continuous operation. A steady air flow transports the powder to the nozzles, while the control unit calculates and monitors the function of the system and adjusts the amount of powder to the format and machine speed.

Our special air-blow process with heater heats the impingement air in the powder jar and forms an ideal powder-air mixture, which prevents lumps in the powder. It was specially developed for the preparation of the powder-air mixture and for a repeatable and even powder application.

For the ideal and efficient dusting in the printing process, Mediprint powder devices have specialized impulse generators, which allow the powder-air mixture to pulsate in the device, which guarantees a permanently even flow of powder in the spray air.


The tailor-made solution

The ideal powder machine for a variety of small presses, particularly Heidelberg GTO presses. It has clog-free spray nozzles, which can be regulated and switched off while the machine is running, thus enabling targeted powder dusting. There are several holders for the AMT powder device, which have already been pre-designed and developed for special printing and packaging machines.

Decades of experience and close customer contact have taught us that there is still a great demand for powder solutions with these machines. As one of the last companies to offer powder devices for Heidelberger GTO machines and similar printing machines, you are in good hands with us.


The beginner

With this excellent entry-level model for printing presses – preferably in small and medium format – the format width, powder quantity and other settings are implemented directly on the device. The TW is an ideal powder device for various small and special printing machines with powder widths from 520 mm to 1000 mm. It is transportable and can be used very variably thanks to its height adjustment options.

The powder duster TW has only a small footprint of 25 X 30 cm with maximum stability and is therefore particularly suitable for complex environments. Mediprint’s mobile powder devices offer maximum flexibility thanks to their stepless height adjustment and can be adapted to different machines depending on their use.

The services we provide for you!


Mediprint offers selected customers a subscription service on its own products at special conditions. This allows customers to automate the process free of charge and save additional money.


Especially for customers whose workload and machine park size fluctuate, we offer individual leasing contracts for our tape inserters in order to streamline their cost structure and at the same time to increase flexibility.


Since most of our products are manufactured in batch sizes <25, individualisation in production can be realised at relatively low cost.

... if this is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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