Glass Coating Systems

We take the characteristics of glass to a whole new level of performance!

Glass coating systems​

Coating Systems by Mediprint

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in industrial glass production: the revolutionary glass coating systems designed and engineered by Mediprint. With an unwavering commitment to advancing manufacturing technologies, Mediprint presents cutting-edge solutions that redefine the possibilities of glass production.

At the heart of every glass manufacturing venture lies the pursuit of perfection in both aesthetics and functionality. Our state-of-the-art glass coating systems represent the pinnacle of achievement in this pursuit. We understand that industries demand glass products that not only exhibit stunning visual appeal but also possess remarkable durability and functionality. That's where Mediprint's expertise shines.

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Glass coating systems

Our glass coating systems are meticulously crafted to enhance the properties of glass, elevating it to an entirely new level of performance. Through a seamless fusion of precision engineering and innovative chemistry, we enable manufacturers to apply specialized coatings that endow glass surfaces with enhanced scratch resistance, anti-glare properties, UV protection, and even self-cleaning capabilities. These enhancements not only amplify the lifespan of glass products but also significantly reduce maintenance costs, making them ideal for applications across architectural, automotive, and electronic sectors.

Hand in hand with glass manufacturers

Quality assurance has always been a hallmark of Mediprint’s offerings. Through our Powder Systems, we continue to uphold this principle. The technology’s consistent powder distribution ensures uniform glass composition, minimizing defects and enhancing product durability. This aligns perfectly with Mediprint’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier machinery that yields exceptional outputs.

Exceptional quality assurance

What sets Mediprint apart is not just the end result, but the journey we undertake with our clients. Collaborative partnership is ingrained in our ethos. We work hand in hand with glass manufacturers to understand their unique requirements and tailor our coating systems accordingly. Our expert teams ensure seamless integration of our systems into existing production lines, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.


In an era where sustainability is paramount, Mediprint takes its responsibility seriously. Our glass coating systems are designed with eco-friendliness in mind. Through advanced application techniques and responsible material selection, we ensure minimal waste generation and energy consumption, contributing to a greener tomorrow.


In conclusion, Mediprint stands as the vanguard of innovation in the realm of industrial glass production. Our glass coating systems transcend conventional boundaries, empowering manufacturers to produce glass products that are not only visually striking but also excel in durability and functionality. With a commitment to partnership and sustainability, Mediprint is your trusted collaborator in shaping the future of glass manufacturing.

Unique selling points

In addition to numerous product-specific unique selling points on the market, Mediprint relies on the following features for all its products:

Robust high-performance nozzles

Our tried-and-tested spray heads, designed for continuous operation, are ideally coordinated with our built-in tube technology and thus ensure perfect powder results in continuous operation

Tube technology

Our tube technology with self-developed air-blow process enables you to dust evenly and economically efficiently, economically and at the same time with perfect results

Customized fittings

We take the time to find the perfect solution for your problem and requirements, whether it's a low-cost retrofit or complex special requirements, we are highly flexible when it comes to your machines and production and have the necessary expertise


Mediprint powder systems can distinguish between different input signals and utilize the associated information


The menu offers 3 different languages (ENG, FRA, GER) and can be expanded with additional languages if required

Aluminum housing

Mediprint specifically uses aluminum housings to withstand the heat and dust in packaging and printing machines

Our service for you!


Mediprint offers selected customers a subscription service on its own products at special conditions. This allows customers to automate the process free of charge and save additional money.


Especially for customers whose workload and machine park size fluctuate, we offer individual leasing contracts for our tape inserters in order to streamline their cost structure and at the same time to increase flexibility.


Since most of our products are manufactured in batch sizes <25, individualisation in production can be realised at relatively low cost.

... if this is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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