Mobile Tab inserter

Mobile, flexible and easy to use: Our STR-4.2

The mobile Tab Inserter STR-4.2


The STR-4.2 is mobile and can be moved. For this purpose, it can also be equipped with wheels

Flexible height

The STR-4.2 is flexibly adjustable in height, depending on the machine and application scenario

Flexible length

The guide rail of the STR-4.2 can be flexibly adapted to different applications (e.g. lateral tabbing)

Alarm signal

The STR-4.2 informs by sound signal about different interruptions (e.g. paper rolls empty)

Reinforced cut

Double-acting cylinders ensure increased cutting performance of the STR-4.2

Waste function

In case of printing errors, a manual waste function can be triggered, which marks faulty sheets


The mobile all-rounder

The STR-4.2 is designed for the use on machines where the desired block size cannot be entered. For this purpose, an input keyboard with display is provided on the Strip Inserter. The tape inserter is mounted on a stand and can therefore be used alternately on all machines.

Tape guide

  • Tape guide lengths from 160-900 mm available
  • Angled tape guide available
Adjustable functions
  • Block size up to 9999
  • Strip length
  • Strip advance
  • Holding time of the strip
  • Test sheet registration
  • Waste markings
  • Holding time of the tape
Counting pulse
  • Via interface from the main machinee
  • With external insertion signal
  • Independently via laser sensor
Mounting versions
  • Stand version (stand height from 400 – 1700 mm)
  • Fixed attachment, horizontally swivelling
  • Fixed mount vertically swivelling
Application markets
  • Printing industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Film production
  • Paper production
  • Die cutting
  • Laminating machines
  • Printing plate production
  • Other

Unique selling points

In addition to numerous product-specific unique selling points, Mediprint relies on the following features for all of its products:

Isolated cutter head

The hardened cutter head of our tab inserters can be flexibly changed at any time without the need to dismantle the tab inserter

Tape embossing

By adding structure to the stripe its strength is increased requiring less grammage​


With an (optional) sensor, Mediprint tape inserters can count themselves independently of the machine


Mediprint Tape Inserters can distinguish between different input signals and therefore differentiate between use cases​


The menu offers 3 different languages (ENG, FRA, GER) and can be extended by further languages if required

Aluminum housing

Mediprint deliberately uses aluminum enclosures to weather the heat and dust in packaging and printing machines

The services we provide for you!


Mediprint offers selected customers a subscription service on its own products at special conditions. This allows customers to automate the process free of charge and save additional money.


Especially for customers whose workload and machine park size fluctuate, we offer individual leasing contracts for our tape inserters in order to streamline their cost structure and at the same time to increase flexibility.


Since most of our products are manufactured in batch sizes <25, individualisation in production can be realised at relatively low cost.

... if this is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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